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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we an open vendor Venue?

Yes, except for Security and Bartender.


Who is our required bartender?

We require Bartenders of Greater DFW.


What is their price and the time they typically spend at the venue?

They charge $55 per hour. They are typically here for 4 - 6 hours.


Who provides the alcohol?

You provide alcohol, mixers, ice, and cups.


Is security required?

Yes, they start 15 minutes before your first guest arrives and stay until the venue is locked down. They are usually here for about 6 hours and are around $70 per hour.


Do you have a list of vendors?

We have a great list of vendors we will give you upon booking that can be used to help you plan your special day. We have worked with everyone on our list and know they provide excellent service. We also welcome anyone you might also know (except for security and the bartender)


Do you require one-day event insurance?

We do require one-day event insurance and have companies you can go through. Obtaining it is straightforward and ranges in price up to about $150.


Will staff be onsite during our event?

We will have staff available and onsite throughout your special day.


What is the maximum size of the wedding you host?

We are best suited for weddings with 150 people and under.


Does your rented time include set up and tear down?

Your rented time includes your set up/decorating time and an hour at the end to clean up and pack all of your things.


How do I reserve my date?

You can do that through Honey Book, text, or phone calls.


What is the retainer to lock in a date and begin booking?

Our non-refundable retainer to hold your date for your special event is $800 for the micro and $1000 for all other packages.

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